How to Make a Face Mask - 2 Simple Tutorials to Try

I hope you are all keeping well and healthy! For those of you wanting to make your own face mask but not sure where to start, here are two simple tutorials you might like to try.

The first is a video which a lovely customer from the US shared with me, so the measurements are in inches but it's a great tutorial, pretty simple and easy to follow. Here's the link.

The second tutorial is a quicker video walkthrough with less detail but still super helpful and shows how to make a quick and easy face mask with a pocket for a filter.

Read on below for a list of supplies you may need for DIY face mask making:

You will definitely want some woven cotton fabric of some sort, you can browse our woven fabrics section for inspiration. Refer to your tutorial or mask pattern for exact guidance on how much fabric to purchase.

You'll also need elastic unless you already have some, we have some elastics which are available here. I'd recommend the 6mm (1/4 inch) flat elastic for face masks but you can use most types at a pinch.

Some mask tutorials like the first one featured in this post call for fusible non woven interfacing, check out our interfacing here.

Don't forget other things like pins, scissors or rotary cutter and a cutting mat if you favour the latter. An iron for pressing any pleats and of course a sewing machine although you can definitely hand-sew face masks if you need to.

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