Waldorf Dollmaking Jersey Tube 8cm - Per 1/2 metre

Waldorf Dollmaking Jersey Tube 8cm - Per 1/2 metre

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A very useful item for Waldorf dollmaking! This 8cm cotton inner Jersey Tube by De Witte Engel is a great way to start making a Waldorf doll head! It has the perfect stretch to go around a self created wool ball/knot and will be a easy way to create the base shape of the head.

This is a round-knitted tube of stretchable cotton which can be made into the base layer of the doll head by sewing or binding one end closed. After forming a ball out of the wool one can then fill the tube to start creating the head. For extra sturdy heads a double layer can be used. When the head is in the desired shape, bind it shut at the neck and continue making your doll as normal.

Sold by the half metre length. Multiple quantities will be cut as one continuous piece.

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